Anja    Notanja    Sieger
Hello, My name is 'Anja' (ON-JUH) and 'Notanja' (not-ON-JUH) is the spirit that makes the art.

I always sign my work with the pseudonym 'Notanja' since it describes the spirit that makes my art. Notanja is sneaky, swift and precise when moving through space. Notanja is a tour guide showing you the innards the artist they reside in. When these innards are recognized as familiar to viewers, then those innards start to house all of humanity. Stories told on Notanja’s tour reflect the adventures of all those who suffer and prevail to make use of life's trials.

I'm a Wisconsin-based Dragon Cutter, Performance Artist, Writer.
Much of the work you see here is available for purchase. Please email if you see something you want.

And if you are looking for my prose poetry service, La Prosette click here: La Prosette